Becoming CO2 Neutral

Becoming CO2 Neutral

Fight against climate change

Carbon dioxide, CO₂, is among the responsible for the so-called greenhouse gases (GHG).

The constantly increasing CO₂ emissions cause serious repercussions to our planet, primarily global warming, and consequently, climatic upheavals and catastrophic events.

Each of us should play an active role in the adoption of serious strategies and actions to combat climate change.

Since the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and the Paris Agreement in 2015, the measures taken by our governments are becoming increasingly incisive and oriented towards deterring activities which are harmful to the climate.

Becoming CO2 neutral

What does it mean ‘offset CO₂ emissions’?

Offsetting CO₂ emissions means rebalancing the amount of CO generated by individuals, and industrial and production activities, through projects that generate carbon credits, created and certified according to international standards, and made available to third parties on the ‘voluntary offsets’ market.

Offsetting CO₂ emissions is a very effective financial tool to reduce the environmental impact.

In the short term, it improves its ESG reputation, an increasingly important and fundamental indicator in the economy.

In the medium term, this is the obligatory path for achieving the Net-Zero Emission goal: BECOMING CO2-NEUTRAL.

Voluntary CO2 Offsetting

Voluntarily CO2 offsetting own emissions is certainly the best possible solution in a medium-term strategy.

Companies e Individuals, through Alberami, become CO₂ neutral and at the same time actively interact with the rural economy.

Thanks to the planting and adoption of trees, farmers receive additional financial support, who set themselves up as natural custodians of the territory.

The commitment required of us is simply to preserve the only place that guarantees life: our Planet Earth.

Act now for tomorrow environment !

Becoming CO2 neutral

Not only reduce … Offsetting!

Alberami is the perfect platform to achieve your environmental neutrality objectives.

Your active commitment to the environment?
Capture your CO₂, thanks to trees, is the most natural way to do this!

Trees absorb CO₂ from the air, protect soil and biodiversity: here is your contribution to making the planet greener.

Alberami directly finances agricultural projects in the area. Our mission is to allow thousands of farmers to meet the costs for the correct management of their plots. By following good agricultural practices, CO2 capture capacity, and its permanent storage, increases.

Giving ‘offsetting’ to a friend, a relative is also an active commitment to the environment. Those who receive the gift have the opportunity to actively engage in achieving their own environmental neutrality.

Becoming CO₂-Neutral is the most precious and greatest legacy to the environment and to future generations, but above all to ourselves.

Be here, without nature noticeing