The Global Goals for Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development Goals are a collection of 17 global goals established by the United Nations Development Program. They aim to end poverty, protect the Planet and ensure prosperity for all as part of a new agenda for sustainable development.

At ALBERAMI, we strongly believe in sustainable development for the sake of all human beings and the only world where we can live: the Planet Earth that hosts us.

Above all, combining the terms Economy and Environment is not an impossible feat: it requires a change of approach and new paradigms.

We can and must actively act in favor of the Environment, with undoubtedly positive spin-offs for the Economy as well.

Through its initiatives and activities, ALBERAMI is contributing to the achievement of 10 Goals to ensure a sustainable future.

And this is just the beginning….

Alberami helps to improve farmers’ income and overall economic well-being, which in turns contribute to the reduction of poverty in the region.

By ensuring sustainable food production systems and putting in place resilient agricultural practices that boost output.

By promoting practices that improve the health of soil, water, and other natural resources, Alberami supports the production of healthier, nutrient-rich foods.

Knowledge about the Land and natural techniques is gave to farmers and shared between farmers.

Improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping, and minimising release of hazardous chemicals and materials.

Sustainable land management practices create new job opportunities. Revenues from carbon credit sale generate a new source of income.

Alberami promotes resource-efficient techniques ultimately lowering waste and increasing efficiency.

By encouraging solutions that can diminish the sector’s emissions of GHGs into the atmosphere and increase resiliency to the effects of climate change.​

By promoting sustainable land management practices it mobilises and significantly increase financial resources from all sources to conserve and sustainably use biodiversity and ecosystems which in turn can help to protect and restore ecosystems and biodiversity in farming regions.

Alberami ecosystem brings together agricultural, industrial, and services companies to promote sustainable farming practices and sell excess CO2 sequestration on the international voluntary market. This partnership approach could help to accelerate progress toward the SDGs.

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